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Fiber – Why Should You Eat More of It?

You probably heard your parents telling you to eat more fiber. However, why should you eat more of it? Well, it’s mainly because it is beneficial to your health. As a matter of fact, it is capable of providing you tons of health benefits, which is the reason why fiber supplements have been gaining more popularity these days than before. First of all, let us discuss what fiber is. It is a plant based food part that the body cannot digest and with that, you would be able to have a healthy and clean digestive system. Not only that, it also flushes out cholesterol out of the body.

There are two kinds of fiber: insoluble and soluble.

The first one does not dissolve in water and it is best in preventing constipation while the latter one is best for reducing cholesterol and keeping the blood sugar levels normal for they dissolve in water. The benefits of eating fiber rich foods: It makes your bowel movements normal If you have been having a hard time passing stool, then a high fiber diet is exactly what you need. By adding fiber in your diet, your stool will soften and its weight will increase as well. This also means that it can help you prevent constipation.

On the other hand, if you have watery stool, then it can also make your stool bulky, making it easier for you to pass it. It makes your heart healthy Just like what was mentioned before, fiber helps in lowering the bad cholesterol while improving the good cholesterol in our body. Apart from that, it can also help reduce your metabolic syndrome risk and blood pressure levels at the same time. With that, you are also lowering your chance of acquiring stroke, diabetes and heart diseases. It can also reduce inflammation. It can help you lose weight For people who wanted to lose weight, fiber can be their partner in their weight loss goals. To be more specific, it can help you cut down your calories for it is capable of making you feel full despite you eating lesser than the amount of food that you normally eat.

The reason for this is because it stays in your stomach longer, which means you will also feel fuller longer. Also, with it aiding in making your blood sugar levels normal, the capacity of your body to burn fat would also be improved. Aside from that, although you are eating less food, you would be provided with more energy to complete all of your tasks for the day. Apart from the things that have already been mentioned above, it can also help you achieve healthier skin and colon, prevent acne breakouts, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, hemorrhoids, stroke and even cancer. What makes it great is that fiber can be found in a lot of fruits but if you are a type of person who is not fond of eating fruits, there is an alternative way for you to supply your body with the fiber it needs and that is through taking fiber supplements.

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